1. Will there be a simultaneous interpretation for the event?
Yes. During international lectures and stage interactions, all content will be simultaneously interpreted.
2. Which is the event’s target audience?
There is no specific niche that the congress directs itself to. The event is of great worth for students and professionals in the general healthcare field, low carb enthusiasts, athletes and sportsmen of any field, and even to that housewife that looks to understand better how to provide to herself, and even her family, quality of life in the daily routine. In short, our target audience is anyone looking for health and well-being.
3. Will the event be broadcasted online?
No. To ensure a better quality and the exclusivity of the ministered lectures for the audience, there will be no distribution of any kind of video material during or after the event.
4. Can I record the event?
No. It’s strictly forbidden to record the whole event, although, small parts of the lectures can be recorded to share in social medias. To optimize your reach, you can use the hashtags #eventoalimente #eventoalimente2018 #projetoalimente
5. What is the minimal age to participate in the event?
There is no age range restriction for the event, but for the difficulty of presented content, thematic and lectures, we do not recommend attending in the event to anyone under 18 years-old.
6. Can I take pictures with the speakers?
To ensure the event’s smooth progress and the speakers comfort, it won’t be allowed to approach any of the speakers, or to take pictures with them, outside of predetermined meet & greet sessions, which will be revealed only on the day and with a numbered queue.
7. How many tickets can I buy?
In the ticket category without any promotional price, the buying limit is 3 tickets per CPF – Person.
8. Which are the paying methods for the tickets?
The tickets can be paid by credit card, online debit bank slip, either cash payment or up to 10 instalments with interest rate, with nominal price + Sympla administrative fees.
9. Is there any way to buy the tickets without administrative fees?
Unfortunately no. We use the Sympla platform to ensure yours and our safety during transactions, and that’s why the administrative fee is charged.
10. Where can I get a promotional code?
Although Sympla, our chosen online sales platform for this event, allow the use of codes during the transaction, the ALIMENTE project won’t use or accept any codes. Our only discounts were offered during the pre-sale tickets.
11. Is there a student discount?
Students can count with the convenience of a special price for their tickets, with a discount over the full price, being R$800 for a normal access option, or R$1.000 for the access and 3 autographed books. Both student ticket models have a limited and non- expandable quantity and are already on sale.
12. Do I need to show a student card?
Yes, you will have to show a document from your educational institution with a current year validation stamp, or a national student card with picture, certified by UNE, UBES or ANPG, with a 2018 expiration date.
13. I made my registration, bought my ticket and won’t be able to attend the event, is there something I can do?
Yes. You can either transfer your ticket to someone else, or, ask for a refund of 50% of the ticket value, except if it was a pre-sale ticket, or it is within 10 days prior the event.
14. Do I need to get my ticket at the ticket office?
No, your ticket will be given to you as a e-ticket. You only need to print it and take it with you to the event.
15. I bought tickets from one category and I want to change categories. What can I do?
To change a ticket category, you must only send an e-mail informing the change. From there, the procedures to ensure the payment of the difference will being, and the process will be concluded. THE CATEGORY EXCHANGE IS ALLOWED ONLY TO UPGRADE THE TICKET, NEVER TO DOWNGRADE!