Your ticket is unique, and after you bought it, the ticket will become unavailable for anyone else to purchase it.

As soon as the purchase is confirmed, the cancelation request will be available for the next 7 continuous days. The cancelation cannot be requested in the 10 days period prior to the event.

To begin the refunding process, you must send a formal solicitation from the same e-mail you used to register the purchase, to the following email address

The tickets will be cancelled and only 50% of the value will be refunded to you, deducting the service taxes according to the payment method used in the purchase.

The money will be refunded in 15 to 45 days period, varying with credit card invoice closing data and involved institutions.

Additionally, it is possible to transfer a ticket title, requiring a direct contact from the e-mail registered in the purchase, sending the personal data of the new ticket holder.

One cannot cancel the ticket after the event’s date.

ATTENTION: The refund terms above described are not applicable to tickets acquired from the pre-sale, being valid here only ticket title transfering. Pre-sale tickets cannot be refunded!