Helping people achieve happiness, the way she did. With a principle that became an ideology, producer and entrepreneur Carolina Guilherme achieved health, and decided that was due time that nutritional facts were spread.

And so, the ALIMENTE project was born, aiming to nourish the minds of people with information about the quality of true food, with trivial and simple preparation for the daily routine, in a well-being and healthy lifestyle.

The project recreates itself in a constant evolution with every event tied to it, adapting the reality of the moment, and transmuting itself in special editions, with specific biases and different audiences, but never losing the sight of the focus, that is to praise the simple and pure human nature and the fullness of life.

It’s premiere in an exclusive event in Brasilia made some noise, showing that both creator and creature were on the right path, taking renowned Brazilian investigative medicine names to a keen select public. The event was such a success that in 2018, it will go beyond borders, now reaching for London.

But it is on the national territory, on our ever-growing restless scenario, that ALIMENTE aims to completely change the way of thinking and acting of those that look for a healthier future among the daily hardships of the modern world, and with the 1 st International Low Carb Congress, a complete game changer bringing to everyone the most notorious food philosophy of recent times, featuring international and national icons, presenting healthier ways to a better life, gathered in a series of lecture and panels, on their first appearance in Brazil.

A very warm welcome to our proposal of changing the world through food, science, and collaborative awareness.


If you are a health area student and wants to be part of this milestone in Brazil’s medical history, in addition to getting a certificate to improve your student curriculum, sign up as a volunteer.

To be a part of the team, you only need to fill in the application form with your personal data and inform the educational institution in the message, the current attended college period, and a bit of information about your profile.

All subscriptions will be analysed, and the selected ones will be communicated via e-mail.

Come join us in this revolution and good luck!